December 22nd, 2009: Worldwide Link Head office has been established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With the advantage location near by airport and all majority ports, Worldwide Link is capable handle both sea and air inbound/outbound in South of Vietnam.

September 2012: Worldwide Link Hanoi Branch office has been established to handle all of inbound/outbound for both sea and air cargo in the North of Vietnam replace for using partner as before.

June 2014: Worldwide Link Danang Branch office has been established to build up consolidation service from Danang to Japan main ports as well as handle all cargoes in Middle of Vietnam. Worldwide Link. Danang became the first one have own consolidation service to Japan main ports.

October 2014: Worldwide Link Haiphong Branch office has been established due to the cargo volume increased significantly Haiphong Branch office continued to expand its core business that build up more consolidation from Haiphong as well as handle other inbound/outbound cargo.

June 2015 : Worldwide Link Quinhon Rep. Office has been established.